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Kevin French, DVM
Practice Owner/Partner

Dr. Kevin French graduated from West Valley High School in 1982, and Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He has been practicing at Valley Veterinary Clinic since graduation. He resides in Spokane Valley with his wife, Julie, who is also a veterinarian. They have one daughter currently studying at WSU, and two teenage sons. His hobbies include running, biking, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and Cougar athletics.

Alex Hamilton, DVM
Practice Owner/Partner

Dr. Alex Hamilton grew up in Washington State and has been working in veterinary clinics since he was 12. He attended Washington State University for veterinary school. His medical interests include surgery, internal medicine, and ophthalmology. He also enjoys a wide variety of outdoor sports, particularly biking and skiing. Dr. Hamilton met his wife (also a veterinarian named Alex) during veterinary school. She is from Sedona, Arizona and convinced him to make the move to the desert from rainy Washington after veterinary school. After a few years in the desert, they decided to make the move back to the Pacific Northwest. Alex’s family includes he’s wife (also a veterinarian named Alex), hes young daughter Charlie, two dogs, Archie and Duke, and one cat named Mercedes. Alex Became part owner early 2020.

Julie Sederstrom, DVM
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Julie Sederstrom graduated from WSU in 1989, and practiced in Snohomish, Washington, before moving back to her hometown of Spokane. She resides in the Spokane Valley with her husband, Kevin, and their three teenagers, two labradors and one very large cat. She enjoys baking, wakesurfing and running with her dogs. She has a special interest in Dermatology and Internal Medicine.

Alex McCormick, DVM
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Alex McCormick was born and raised in Sedona, Arizona surrounded by pets. She knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 4 years old and never wavered from her dream of helping animals. Although she was from Arizona, Washington always intrigued her and it was an easy decision to attend Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and make the Pacific Northwest her new home. Dr. McCormick graduated from WSU in 2013. She loves science and medicine and the puzzle pieces that make up disease. She is especially interested in internal medicine and ophthalmology, but every aspect of small animal medicine excites her. Her favorite thing about being a vet is waking up each day knowing it will be different from the last and that each day brings a new opportunity to make a difference in a pet’s life. Her goal with every patient is education and understanding for the client and a happy outcome for the pet. Alex’s family includes her husband (also a veterinarian named Alex), her young daughter Charlie, two dogs, Archie and Duke, and one cat named Mercedes. On her days off she enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, and playing outdoors with her family.

Jessica McCrea, DVM
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jessica McCrea, one of our talented veterinarians, attended both the University of Colorado, Boulder and Colorado State University, and graduated the latter in 2010. She did a residency in microbiology at WSU from 2014 to 2016. Jessica was born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida, and eventually found her way to Colorado, where she resided for fifteen years, busy attending college and working in a general practice after completing her schooling. In 2013 she moved to Washington in order to be closer to family. Jessica has always had a passion for animals, evident from her work in general practice in both CO and WA, wildlife work, vet assisting, and finally becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine. Jessica’s big heart for our animal companions is further demonstrated through her adoption of two rescue animals: Izze, a dog rescued in Mexico, (who our staff quite enjoys when she visits the clinic), and Kitty, a cat adopted from the Humane Society. When she is not at work helping our furry friends, she can be found hiking and traveling on land, or boating and skiing out on the water.

Hannah French, DVM
Associate Veterinarian


Head Receptionist

Meighan is our lead receptionist here at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Meighan was born and raised here in Spokane, where she attended Prep and Spokane Falls Community College, where she participated in track and field and javelin throwing. When Meighan isn’t at work, you can find her stateline racing, working in her garden, or curling up with a good book. Meighan has worked in the veterinary field since 2018. Her animal family consists of two dogs and a cat whose names are, Dexter, Yodie and Mango.


Vicki Receptionist Vicki was born and raised in LaPine Oregon. While she was in high school she started working in a veterinary office helping out in the kennel department. Once she finished school she continued for another four years as assistant. After sometime her family decided to move to Washington to play in the great out doors. Vicki likes to spend her off time with her husband fly fishing, camping, hiking or anything outside. Vicki has a strong love for any dog with a squishy face, she has few crazy frenchies at home to play with, Nixon, Jaxson and Bobbie. Vicki joined our team in the winter of 2019.


Michelle, one of our great receptionists was born in Virginia Beach, VA, but grew up here in Washington in the Airway Heights area. She attended the school Paul Mitchell, which she in turn graduated from in 2017. In addition to her expertise in the beauty field, she has almost a year of receptionist experience. When she isn’t at work, or getting pestered by her coworkers to work her magic on their hair, she can be found shooting guns, cooking delicious vegan meals, or creating elegant bridal hairdos. Her animal family consists of two lovable golden retrievers named Riley and Roen.



Amber is a friendly member of our receptionist team. She was born and raised right here in Spokane, WA, She graduated at East Valley High School and then went one to attended Spokane Community College and earned a degree in criminal justice in 1998. While this is her first year in the veterinary field, Amber has always possessed a love for animals and a yearning to help them. She especially loves her own fur babies, a German shepherd named Nalah and a sweet cat named Bella. Outside of the office Amber enjoys cheering her kids on at their sporting events, motorcycle riding with her husband, or going on hiking adventures with her energetic sidekick Nalah. In the fall of 2022 Amber added a new furry member to her house named Riot.



Logan is part of our amazing team of receptionists here at Valley Veterinary Clinic.  Logan is a Spokane native, and it it is here that she attended both Shadle Park High School and Northwest Christian. In her free time you can find Logan outdoors doing activities such as camping, four wheeling, volleyball, and spending time with her family both human and furry. Valley Veterinary Clinic serves as Logan’s introduction to the field of veterinary medicine. Logan has a cane corso at home who just celebrated his 8th year with her!



Mikaela is one of of our receptionists here at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Mikaela is a Spokane native, where she attended University  High School. Outside of work Mikaela enjoys a wide range of hobbies that include paddle boarding, brewery hopping, hiking, crafting, videogames, and traveling. Mikaela has ten years of coffee and food industry experience under her belt, and while this is her first time employed in the veterinary field, she has experience from job shadowing she performed while she attended Washington State University for vet school. Mikaela’s love for animals goes beyond the clinic to her fur family at home which consists of two golden retrievers named Bayley and Laela, and two cats named Rambo and Willow.

Lead Technician

Robyn is our lead technician and head of IT at Valley Vet. She graduated from East Valley High School and has been with our clinic since 1998. She is extremely skilled at multitasking in approximately 20 different directions at any given time. Away from work she loves anything to do with trucks, hunting, fishing, camping and hanging out with friends and family. She has a family of Rottweilers– Brandy (mom) Max (dad) and KD (daughter), 2 crazy cats named Spaz and Ninja, and a Bearded Dragon named Earl.

Vet Technician

Nicole hails from Spokane as well. She graduated from University High School and has her AA degree from Spokane Community College. She has been in the veterinary field for 11 years, but has been a member of our team for 2 years. She is another one of our multi-tasking technicians. She loves photography, and took many of the pictures for our website. She also enjoys horseback riding, hiking, watching football, crafting, camping and spending time with family and friends. She lives with her dog Ruger, a cat named Whiskey and her horse Romeo.

Vet Technician

Autumn grew up in Spokane and graduated from University High School. One of our skilled technicians, she spends much of her days assisting in surgery. She enjoys hunting, fishing and has traveled extensively. Her four-legged family consists of a horse named Star, two golden retrievers named Maverick and Hendricks, and 3 cats- Kokanee, Kootenai and Elijah.



Amanda is one of our knowledgeable and dedicated vet technicians. Amanda attended Carrington College in 2007 for her veterinary assistant certification and is level 3 fear free certified. She started at Valley Vet in the spring of 2020 and has been a great help in working with our clients and their pets. Amanda has been in the veterinary field for about fifteen years and has worked in a couple of different clinics in Spokane. Amanda grew up in Soap Lake Washington on her parent’s farm, until she decided to attend Carrington College. In her down time you will find her and her two border collies Jake and Link, out in the woods warming their hands and paws in front of a campfire.




Sandi is one of our hardworking vet assistants fresh out of college. Sandi attended Carrington College and graduated in 2021. A Washington native, Sandi was born here in Spokane, but grew up in Newport. Having recently graduated, this is Sandi’s first time in a veterinary field. Sandi’s knowledge of caring for animals is matched by her passion for them, which is demonstrated by her large animal family that consists of horses; Rocket and Hannah, cat; Garfield (who may or may not be named after a certain famous orange cat they loves lasagna), dogs; Lulu and Berkeley, and finally a flock of ducks and chickens. When she’s not inside at the clinic helping our furry friends, Sandi can be found outdoors hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding and coaching youth sports.


Kennel Assistant

Kayla works as a kennel assistant in our clinic. This is her first time working in a veterinary setting, although she has grown up with quite a diverse list of animals and has over a year of experience caring for animals at the Spokane Humane Society, where she volunteered. Kayla was born in Pullman WA, but moved to Spokane at a young age. She attended Eastern Washington University, where she graduated with honors from the creative writing program in 2019. She minored in disability studies and earned a certificate in that field as well. When she isn’t assisting in the care of animals at the clinic, you can find Kayla with her nose buried in a fantasy novel, or brainstorming ideas for her own written works, She also enjoys playing video games, singing, (when no-one is around), and venturing out to old bookstores. She has two furry family members named Rico,who is blind chihuahua, and Mazie, a miniature(but not so skinny) dachshund.



Hannah Long is one of our hardworking assistants here at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Born here in Spokane, Washington she graduated from University High School in 2019. In 2021 she graduated from Spokane Falls Community College, having earned her Associate of Arts (AA) degree. If she isn’t at the clinic with her coworkers and furry patients, she can be found hanging out with her family, or hidden away with a good book and some tunes playing. Having worked in the restaurant industry since she was sixteen, this is her first time working in a vet clinic; an entirely new and exciting venue. While this is her first time working with animals, Hannah has grown up beside them and always aspired to work around them. Hannah’s love for our furry companions is evident from her own pet family which consists of two cats named Uma and Remmi, and a playful puppy lab named Luna.


Vet Assistant

Olivia is one of our vet assistants here at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Olivia grew up here in Spokane Washington, where she graduated from University high school in 2018. She then went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree from Washington State University, and has completed vet school prerequisites at Spokane Falls Community College. This is her first time working at a vet clinic, as she prepares to attend vet school in the future. When Olivia isn’t at the clinic learning all she can to prepare her for an exciting future in the veterinary field, she enjoys being active with CrossFit, to relaxing with a good book and her family and goats. Olivia has a large animal family that includes three pygmy goats and four dogs.


Vet Assistant

Tessa Moore is one of our veterinary assistants here, at Valley Veterinary Clinic. Tessa attended Carrington College’s veterinary assistant program, from which she graduated in 2023. While Tessa was born in Fresno, she considers Spokane home, as it it the place she has set down roots the longest. When Tessa is not at the clinic helping with our furry patients, she can be found cruising down the sidewalks on her long board, hiking through nature, or curled up at home, playing video games or watching anime. While this is Tessa’s first job in the veterinary field, she has prior work experience as manager at Sonics and as line cook at the restaurant 1898. Tessa’s animal family includes a pit bull named Deuce, and a border collie mix named Hanzel, but prefers Hanz. She has some not so furry friends named Tom and Spunky, the leopard geckos, and a bearded dragon named Yoshi.

Mr. Lenny has been with us since 2016. He was found wandering down by the Spokane Jail. Some kind men down at the jail put up flyers and used to feed and water him until winter came, then he was brought to us. We were looking for a home  for him but we all fell in love with his great personality and decided to keep him with us. Most days he hangs out in the back on the dryer or up front on the keyboard. One of his favorite things to do is make sure the girls are doing their job at the receptionist desk.

Henry’s story started on a cold, dark, and wet night. One of our loving clients found him on the side of the road under a pile of leaves and took him in. First thing the client’s wife said was no more cats, so Henry made a trip down to our office as a tiny little kitten that fit in the palm of our hands. He was so dirty and covered in fleas, after we cleaned him up we found a home for him and then he was off to the next chapter of his life, but he was too rambunctious for his new owner and came back to live with us. He is our junk yard cat that loves to eat anything he can find. Now days he’s either sitting at the front desk to greet clients when you come in or you may find him waiting in the exam room with you while you are waiting for a doctor.